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Here's a collection of momentous photos of Alessandro Moretti and his Family in Italy

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1939 - The Entire Moretti Family top L-R: Mom Adalgisa, Dad Umberto, Sister Gina, Alessandro; Bottom L-R: Sister Alda, Brother Robert and Sister Onelia

Alessandro fascinated the Crowds as a Venetian Pugilist Pre-WWII

Daughter Yvonne and Eldest Son Frank having a brother-to-sister talk in Venice. Frank continues the family trade on the Island of Murano

Mother, Adalgisa Moretti supported her sons, Alessandro and Roberto in their dreams to become great glass artisans

Alessandro was a leader in the struggle for Italian Unification and Independence. Alongside, is a medal he received from the Garibaldi regine for his part in thwarting a German Oil Tanker from infiltrating the Island of Murano during WWII. The violators were captured without bloodshed and released shortly thereafter. It is said that one of the Germans was so thankful to Alessandro, that he gifted him with a pistol as a memoir.

Wife, Lidia Villa Moretti

Alessandro Moretti

Alessandro and his Compatriots WWII
WELCOME TO MY ROOTS... The Young Alessandro at Work
Youngest Son, Albert, enjoys playing with puppies in Italy (1967) Alessandro, his Wife, Sisters, Cousins and Brothers-In-Law Enjoying a Boat Ride in Murano
The Island of Murano Where Alessandro Was Born (A Lagoon Splendor!) Umberto's "Moretti" Hand-Made & Etched Goblet with the "Moretti" Insignia (Like Father - Like Sons)
Paul Jenkins (American Expressionist Painter and "Phenomenon" Artist); Egidio Costantini, and Italian Glass Artist Alessandro Moretti (far right) creating a Joint Effort: "Glass Phenomenon" under the Direction of the Noteworthy Paul and Egidio Alessandro - Artist In Glass
The Republic of Venice Presented Alessandro with this Medal (Venetian Lion Insignia) for Risking his life to save a Woman from drowning, after the boat she was in capsized during WWII Umberto Moretti (1935); Father of Alessandro and Roberto, who passed on his legacy to his sons and grandson, Frank
Alessandro in Kindergarten (Top Row - Far Right) Eldest Son, Frank Moretti, Who is the last lineal descendant of the Moretti Legacy and who continues the trade in Murano, Italy to date.
Handsome 17Yr. Old Alessandro Alessandro Accompanied by his small son, Frank, floats by Gondola to his Sister' Gina's Wedding
Alessandro, bottom Row, far right, holding up the Pyramid
Alessandro and small son, Frank, share some quality time Alessandro's Grandchildren by his son, Frank, (Francesca and Viola)
Young Frank on right posing with his Little Friend at the Beach

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